Reinventing My Self


Introduction and Objectives


Our age is characterized by rapid changes. In this environment, the continual changes require organizations and individuals to constantly reinvent themselves. The purpose of this coaching program is to prevent burnout amongst professionals and self-employed individuals working in competitive environment and help them to manage transitions of adult life successfully by reinventing themselves.


For Whom:

This coaching program is for Professionals and Self-employed individuals in the age group of 35-50 years. Medium of coaching is English. Home Makers are welcome if their spouses are also taking coaching.



The Coaching consists of 12 Modules of 3 hours each conducted about once in a week. For special issues, the duration can be increased. The coaching ensures the true change for a person committed to his/her growth.




For each individual the coaching is customized. The themes of these sessions may typically look like the following:

        Understanding and managing stress

        Career dynamics and organizational dynamics

        Understanding "Self"

        Major transitions in my life

        Analyzing my job and my role

        Mapping my relationships

        Managing my resources

        Reinventing my "Self"

        Shaping my career

        Relationships: Strengthening old ones and forging new ones

        Creating a personal development infrastructure

        A self-care plan



Lead Coach:

Y. N. Kaushal


More than 40 persons have benefited from this coaching.


For further information you may contact by sending e-mail at or phone up at 0091-8800739953.



Depends on the duration of the coaching.