Pravesh (Hindi word meaning ‘Entry’)


Initial years in the career are critical for everyone. Either, you lay a sound foundation or you build a wall of sand. You may face the new challenges well or may crumble before them. You make the right choice and go forward or you go into a loop reaching nowhere.

Your ‘Entry’ or Pravesh in the workplace is a crucial phase of your life. Enablers India have created a network of senior experts who provide coaching and mentoring for younger persons in the initial years of their career.  

It is a semi structured process covering following issues:  

·       Managing Interpersonal Relationships at Work

·       Understanding Interpersonal style

·       Positive Assertion

·       Developing Empathy

·       Handling organizational Politics

·       Contributing Effectively in Group situations

·       Managing interpersonal conflict

·       Strengthening Influencing behaviour

·       Using appropriate leadership style

·       Managing Relationships with superiors

·       Managing workforce Diversity

·       Tackling Gender discrimination and sexual harassment powerfully


Other issues as required by the coachee.


Our network:



We use psychometric testing to diagnose and analyze the underlying issues.