Managing Self


In the current pandemic, managing self has become the biggest challenge. This course will help you to handle key issues in your life. These are time, stress and emotions. You would learn how to lead yourself to live a powerful life.

It is a 5 Session course starting every Monday. The session titles are

1.     Understanding Self

2.     Managing Time

3.     Managing Stress

4.     Managing Emotions

5.     Empowering yourself


Each session is of one hour and starts at 2.30 PM. However, it may extend by 30 minutes.  

Faculty for the course are Y N Kaushal and associates.

Fees: Rs 1000/-

Fees has to be paid to any organization of your choice involved in social welfare work. It can be a temple, gurdwara, church, or mosque. Or Any NGO which is working for women, children, senior citizens or the poor etc. Participant has to submit evidence of this donation.

To reserve a seat in this course during next week, send a message to 8800739953 or