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Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness using MBTI










Program Contents


1.      Diversity in Human Personality

2.      Understanding patterns of human behaviour

3.      Our Orientation of energy

4.      How do we collect, process and store information?

5.      How do we process information and make judgment?

6.      Our orientation towards outer world

7.      Identifying my Personality Type

8.      Assessing my strengths and challenges

9.      Understanding my challenges in working with and leading others

10.  How to communicate effectively with people of other personality types?

11.  Relating effectively.

12.  Applications to Customer interactions

13.  My Job profile and my personality: Fits and Misfits my stress points.

14.  How do I contribute effectively in work groups and meetings?

15.  Exploring unused potential within self and one's team: Moving from tolerating to capitalizing on Diversity

16.  My Growth and Learning Agenda: How do I develop skills and behaviour that has eluded me so far?



Methodology         Experiential exercises, Self-assessment questionnaires, role-plays, skill practice exercises.