For Teachers and Principals

Manage Stress

Before it manages you


For Whom††† ††††††††††† Principals and Teachers


Program Objectives and Benefits


Rising expectations, rapid education policy changes, demand for high quality and greater competitive awareness have made Stress a part of educatorís life, which was traditionally viewed as a peaceful career. Inability to manage stress leads to negative consequences like blood pressure, cardiac problems, broken relationships and low productivity. When stress is managed well, it leads to fun and joy in life and work. This program helps participants master the art of managing stress fruitfully. The benefits of the program would be:†††

         Reduced negative organizational stress

         Increased individual productivity and responsibility

         Better relationships and greater team output

         Ability to spot stress amongst students and recommend specialist help.


Program Contents



1.      Definition of Stress

2.      Negative Effects of Stress

3.      Common Signs and Symptoms of Stress

4.      Relationship between stress and performance

5.      Eustress and Distress

6.      Strategies for Managing Stress

7.      Physical exercises for managing stress

8.      Mental / Thought level methods of reducing stress

9.      Yoga/ meditation

10.  Managing emotions to reduce stress

11.  Coping with failure

12.  Creativity as antidote to stress

13.  Destressing Schedules: Tips from Time Management

14.  Perfection, Passion and Excellence

15.  Removing stress from relationships

16.  Assertiveness

17.  Practicing Appreciation and Empathy

18.  Group Dynamics: Handling Workplace Politics

19.  Diagnosing Stress amongst students

20.  Individual Action Plan


Methodology††††††††††† Experiential exercises, Self-assessment questionnaires, role-plays, skill practice exercises


Duration ††††††††††††††††† 2 days


Program Director Y N Kaushal