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For Whom
A.     Learning and Development Managers
B.     Training Coordinators and Administrators
Learning and Development Managers ensure that the learning processes and related activities are being conducted in the organization so as to align with and help achieve the business goals of the organization. They need to ensure that
a)     effective need based training interventions are planned and executed,
b)     Individual and group competencies are developed and
c)      Performance improves at individual and group level causing achievement of business goals



This programme aims to develop role related skills of a Learning and Development Professional. At the end of this programme, the participant will be able to

1.     Identify training needs of employees

2.     Plan quarterly and annual training calendar

3.     Design a result oriented Training Programme in detail

4.     Organize and conduct a Training Programme using internal and external trainers

5.     Cause learnings to result in improving work performance and assess the effectiveness of the training intervention.